On the 9th December 2022 the Lord gave me the following message about Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the Mark of the Beast system.

“To all those who live solely according to their own understanding, go and read My Word and understand the times and know what befalls you. Have I not said it that they will not be able to buy and sell except they receive the Mark of the Beast? (Revelation 13:17). The use of coins and paper money cannot permit this. Here comes My enemy with the beast system of buying and selling. With this new system, the wicked who ignores My Word will be favoured and blessed, while those who are righteous and fear My Word shall be punished and persecuted. This shall be because they are not of this world.”

Then He said to me, “Hosanna, do you remember what I told you, that the world has entered the side of tribulations? This new system shall be one of the forms of tribulations against My chosen ones.”

In a vision I saw newly constructed tarred roads, but the construction of the roads was halted by rivers, seas and oceans. Then the Holy Spirit said “’SYNCHRONIZATION’. Synchronization of the nations is what is causing the delays. Each nation shall be a lord to themselves but interdependence of nations shall not permit them to stand on their own. The demons of lust shall entice the small nations of the world to cast their lots together with the leading nations of the world, then the marks of success shall be achieved fully (by the globalists who promote the Antichrist system). For now, the enticement is ongoing. The small nations shall call it freedom, but they shall later realize that they are selling their independence. This is because he who controls the monies of a nation controls the nation. No independent nation can be truly independent if they have no full control over their monies.”

 My son, tell the leaders of the Church to wake up and open The eyes of their members to these things. Let them stand up and resist the evil laws, if not they shall be enslaved in their own land. The new system of money is the mark of the beast system. It shall not change, only that they will improve on it with time, but it will not be changed. What a man owns is not a part of him, but the time is coming, and it is now come, when what a man owns shall be a part of him. This will become thorns in the flesh of man.”

He then told me, “Ask your hearers this question: has your blood ever been mixed with money? Have you ever been merged with what you have? Know now that the time has now come when a man’s blood shall spell out the exact amount of money he has. This has come to be, but if you come together and fight it, then the days of woes shall be shifted.”

“Tell My children that CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) shall rule the financial world. It shall be the rule of tyranny. The wicked who rise to the positions of power shall wield their power to oppress good people who fear Me. It shall also be used against My Church in many ways. The freedoms of many shall be taken away. It shall be as a farmer sells his proceeds in the market and another tells him what to do with his own money just because the money of the farmer is in his custody.”

“Governments shall become richer because they will be in charge, and not the people. Tell them that the fire of Hell shall be waiting for those who compromise their faith in God to serve Mammon. Woe to the shepherds who shall encourage people to accept the beast system. At the end they shall regret with great laments.”

“The time is coming, and is now is, when people shall be required to merge their blood with what they have. This shall come with a lot of promises, but this shall be like a man who is free, but only within the length of the guardroom. The merging of blood with what you have shall be the final stage of the development of the Beast system.”


“Nations, what happened to your national armies, those who should defend you against external attacks? Through trickery, your national armies have been blurred out to fade into a body of international zombies, who people see as armies but are not.”

He said to me, “Tell My people that Satan wants to weaken national armies. He has started the plans. He has promised peace, which is actually war in disguise. Many nations shall gladly give up their power to the international body for protection instead of strengthening their national defense and security. By so doing, many nations shall be weakened.”

Again He said to me, “Tell My people that the Antichrist cannot rule except nations lose their powers first. The process of weakening the nations of the world is ongoing.”

“When food crisis looms some nations shall bend their rules. When death strikes many nations shall beg for solution, thus be chained. When want for essential goods looms, countries shall beg for supplies. Let Christian leaders focus more on the production of essential goods because the time is now when many countries shall be forced to accept terms that they dislike for the sake of supply.”

 In a vision I saw a dark cloud growing from one end of the Earth. The Holy Spirit then told me that it is the form of the rule of the Antichrist. Then He said, “It shall begin in China.” Then I saw a sandy land. It was very dry. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “This is how China is. It is very dry and it is without Christ. This is why the devil uses it as a testing ground of the Beast system. Except God Almighty intervenes, the whole world will become as China. For those who do not know what China looks like, let it be known to them that it is a place where your choice and plans are valid only if they are within the plans of the government.”

Then He said to me “Hosanna, warn My people that this is what CBDC will bring other countries close to.”


“The Nigerian Government does not know all that CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) entails. They are only following the instructions of those who are controlling them. The introduction of CBDC is not primarily for the good of the Nigerian economy, but it is for the advancement of the New World Order agenda. Nigeria is a testing ground for CBDC. Its statistics shall be monitored by world powers. I the Lord shall resist them. Their plans shall not run as planned. I am the Lord, I have many children in Nigeria, therefore, I will not allow the enemy to enslave My children and My Church within the short time they have planned. If nobody rises up to speak against it and resist the system, the consequences shall move the people to wake up.”