On the 29th of October 2022 I had a revelation. I was delivering an end time message that God gave me. I was reading from where I wrote it. I can’t remember the whole message I was reading except the part that concerns the imminent Rapture of the Church. As I was reading the message I stopped after reading about how close we are to the Rapture because I needed to explain how close we are to the Rapture.

Watch the video for better understanding

In the revelation, I was explaining to them that the Rapture is very close and that we need to get ready as a matter of urgency. When I got out of that revelation, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to warn the Church that the Return of Jesus Christ is at hand. As He was speaking to me, I had a vision. A pair of very thick iron doors opened. The other side of the door was full of tribulations and horrible end time events. Then the Lord said to me, “The world just entered the side of life where all that was spoken of in My Word will come to pass. These are times earthman shall be tried and stretched. Many, having been tried and stretched, will stretch forth their hands to do evil, yet very few of them shall fear and seek the Lord.” Then I was shown a leopard in another vision and He explained to me saying, “This is the spirit of death. It has gone out into the world. Many people shall die, not because of their own will, neither because it was their time to depart, but the leopard shall snatch them away. Tell everyone to repent because the spirit of death has already been released upon the nations of the world. This (the leopard) shall visit earthmen suddenly without warning. Tell them, ‘Prepare while you yet live. Your time is tricky. Do not trust it.’”