Spirit of Mami Water Operating in Many Nigerian Churches

This is a dream that sister Esther Melissa from France had about Churches in Nigeria.  “I sent a video to be published on Eagle Eye Opener YouTube Channel but it was not posted. In a dream I saw that Hosanna David hadn’t shared the first video about U.S and California destruction but he published the […]

Warning From God About Astrology

On the 7th of August 2017 I had a revelation, which is a warning message from God about astrology and those who practice it. The Spirit of God spoke to me, “My servant, tell my people that their disobedience has led to more disobedience, yet they have refused to return to me. Even my very […]

Abuja Declaration of 1989: Plans to Islamise Nigeria Uncovered

Apparently, as a result of the growing awareness amongst Christians of the evil planned by the Muslims against the Church, the Muslims went online to edit and distort the information on the Abuja Declaration of 1989. The information on Wikipedia was edited on Monday 21st July, 2014 by one Greg Abdul. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abuja_Declaration_(1989) Their battle plan […]