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Can A Christian Who Commits Suicide Enter Heaven?

If a Christian commits suicide can he enter Heaven? This is a question that many Christians have not been able to answer correctly. Here’s a biblical answer that no Holy Spirit led Christian will dispute.

Jesus Christ Die For Us, Why Do We Need to Repent?

This is a question asked by a sister. “If Jesus Christ has died for our sins is there any need for us to repent of our sins. The truth is clearly explained in this video.

Can One Enter Heaven without Baptism?

The criminal on the right hand side of Jesus Christ on the cross was granted permission to enter into Paradise without being baptized. So, can one who refused to be baptized enter the Kingdom of God.

Is Smoking Sin According to the Bible?

Smoking is not mentioned in the Bible, hence many Christians argue whether it is a sin or not. In this video this question is answered.