Eagle Eye Opener Global Outreach, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian, non-profit organization located in Warri, Nigeria, though its operations are mainly online. Eagle Eye Opener Global Outreach is supported by contributions from individuals who partner with the ministry.

This website exists solely to magnify the Almighty God, Jesus Christ the Lamb of God and the Holy Spirit. At Eagle Eye Opener your eyes are opened to see the true meaning behind hypocritical deeds, open secrets, secrets in plain sight, secret signs and symbols; exposing satanic agenda that are thriving in our societies under the cover of “it doesn’t matter.”

This is an online pulpit where the eyes of men are opened to the True standard of the HOLINESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS God has set for His people, the Church. Here, like Elijah, I beseech all Christians and the compromising Church of today to strip themselves of worldliness and return to the TRUE WORSHIP OF YAHWEH in order to remain spotless and without wrinkle, as we await the glorious appearing of our LORD, Saviour and Judge, JESUS CHRIST; and I also call on humanity as a whole to embrace JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD OF ALL, so that they can be enabled by the HOLY SPIRIT to decode the wiles of the devil, the arch-enemy of man, so that they can escape the impending wrath of GOD upon Satan, his angels and the wicked.