This is a Prophetic Message about the Outbreak of a Civil War in America. Few days ago I heard the Holy Spirit told me that America should pray against the outbreak of a civil war.

Kindly watch the video below:

Again, on the 27th December 2023 I had a vision. I saw a small dark cloud in one part of the United States of America I then saw that it fell to the ground. Some citizens came and pick pieces of the fallen dark cloud and ate its pieces. It looks like ice block that is flakey. After eating it they were very angry. I heard a voice that says, “pray that it doesn’t spread.” He refers to the anger. Then I heard the voice of the Lord “I will personally come down to quench this turmoil. It is deepened in the hearts of many already. If I don’t stop it will disrupt the flow of important events. I shall send my holy one to proclaim peace over the land. Let everyone that loves peace pray for America.

On the 4th of January 2024 I heard the Holy Spirit saying to me to warn His people. He said, “Let everyone who protests do it peacefully.  In this case nothing will be achieved through violence.  The same powers who are behind January 6 shall manipulate the crisis to achieve their goals.