Vision of a Fertile PartnerSome time ago someone asked me to pray about a lady for her son, if she is a good person and if she is good for her son to marry. She told me that the lady is from a humble background and that she is a well-behaved lady. I went into prayer to seek the face of God about the lady. The answer I got shocked me.

Kindly watch the video below:

The Holy Spirit taught me that it is not enough reason to marry someone from a humble background just because of the qualities they may possess. He said the person’s family background matters too because some of the people from poor families have issues prospering, except the yolk of poverty be broken. He told me that there are some people who come from a very dry family where people don’t prosper. There are others who come from families where people prosper. People from such a family where the yolk of poverty is broken are likely to make it in life. If you marry from a family where everybody is poor, you are likely to face the same poverty because of the foundation of the family that is rooted in poverty.

He said some families are like a fertile soil. If you plant on it the crop has high chances of doing well. On the other hand, some families are like an unfertile land that will not give you good yield if you plant on it.Generally, I advise that it is very important for us to do a spiritual investigation before marrying from any family, whether rich or poor.