This a vision God gave to Brother Hosanna David on the 13th of March 2024.

On Thursday 13th March 2024 I saw a big pot placed on a fire stand, but there was no fire under the pot. I looked and I saw the food in the pot boiling yet there was no fire under the pot. Surprisingly, I saw four men eating food with spoons from the boiling pot. I heard the voice that said, “These are the men pushing for World War 3. Just as you see the pot boiling to the point of cooking the food in it without fire, so these four men have resolved to start World War 3.”

Kindly watch the video to hear the explanations:

Again, He said, “It has been resolved that they will reduce the population of this world using war, disease and hunger. The four men you see are four countries who have plans to start a global war for their own selfish gains. Just as you see them eating from the pot, that is how they shall profit from the war. They have planned to destroy the economies of the countries of the world in order for them to institute one world government policies.”

Then He said to me, “Tell citizens that the power to save them from destruction through war is in their hands. Let them vote out of power all those who advocate for war and vote into power men of peace.”