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Samuel Oghenetega Emmanuel

This is an account of the unique revelation given to a fourteen year old boy in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria, on the 30th of June 2013. According to him, Jesus Christ suddenly appeared to him and a wide screen came up with labeled diagrams as Jesus talked with him. There are different warnings to the Church of Jesus Christ, individuals and the world as a whole.                            
This is the Volume 1 of the confession of a former Nigerian girl Sister Grace Iwhere (now Evang. Mrs Grace Onyejiaka) who lived in the Indian Ocean for seventeen and half years. This testimony is about: – Her initiation into the marine world – Deep exposition of the water spirits and their operations – Mediums through which demons get blood – Activities in the dream world and how they affect your life negatively – How Satan and his agents attack Christians – How Satan makes people to be barren, etc.                        
This is the volume 2 of the Exposition of Mermaid Kingdom of the live experience of Evangelist Mrs Grace Onyejiaka (formerly known as Sis. Grace Iwhere), a Nigerian girl who lived in the Indian Ocean for seventeen and half years.