Government On the 30th of December 2023 I had a vision in which I saw seats that were all occupied except four (4) seats that were among the seats at the front. These seats were federal political positions in the US government.

Kindly watch the video below:

The Holy Spirit then said to me, “When you see this happen remember that I told you that I am going to intervene in the affairs of this world to slow down the activities of the children of darkness in their bid for total control of the world.”

Brethren, let us know that the Devil has been planning to take total control of the world. He is using the globalist to carry out his strategized plans. As children of light and as watchmen, let’s be prayerful and watchful. Let us also trust in the Word of God. Let’s not be hopeless to think that God is no longer in charge of the world. He is the God of the whole universe and He is still very much in control of this world.