A girl of 12 says she has a dream in which God appeared to her in the form of an old man. She was given an urgent message and commanded to proclaim the message within three days. Here’s the transcript of the 12 years old girl’s message:

“Good morning beloved children of God. My name is Miracle. I am 12 years old. I have a revelation, being 13th January 2020 this morning. God appeared to me in the dream He told me I should go and tell His people that He’s coming very soon. He appeared in the image of an old man who does not have hair. He said I should go and tell His people that He is coming very soon. In that dream the anger of God is too much, it’s greater, it’s mightier. You need to see it. My brothers and sisters, God’s anger is very big. It is very great that nobody can withstand it. So please change. In that dream, I woke up, I did’t see my siblings that were sleeping in the room with me.”

Here’s the video:

“I did’t see them. I said Oh, it’s as if the RAPTURE had taken place. I didn’t know what to do. I was (running) helter-skelter. I didn’t even know what to do again. I said God please have mercy upon me. Have mercy. The world was shaking. A few people were going to heaven while the crowd of people were going to Hell. Please, please change, change from any evil character, from every envy. If you know you are keeping malice with anybody, please go and reconcile with the person. God only gave me only 3 days in the dream, God only gave only 3 days to tell His people this thing, to tell His people this thing; that if I do not tell the people this thing the Judgment will be upon my head. Please, please change. Any Pastor that has not changed please change. You need to seek the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is at hand. God sent me to tell Pastors round the Church everywhere to seek His face that the Kingdom of God is at hand. I saw in the dream, God folded this Earth into two, He divided the Earth into two, He folded it and cast fire upon (the) Earth. So please, everyone, my brothers and sisters, both my elders and my (juniors) help me to deliver this message round the world, deliver this message to everyone that is related to you, deliver this message as soon as possible because it is only just 3 days, just 3 days that God commanded me to deliver this message, that if I do not (deliver this message) my life will be miserable. Please, as you deliver this message to anyone who is related to you God will bless you in Jesus’ name.”

Please repent of your sins and turn to the Lord for the salvation of your soul in case you are not saved yet.

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