By Bro. Hosanna David

On the 14th Friday May 2021 I had a vision. This is the second warning message that I got about this evil plan to Pollute mankind with genetically modified foods. You can read the first message HERE. The Holy Spirit gave me the message below:

“The time of great compromise is coming, it is a time that men shall no longer care about what is natural and what is not. Huge is the plan of the adversary of our kingdom. Tell mankind that food is the first thing with which man was tempted.

Watch the Video below:

“Since the nature of mankind was changed through what he ate (Genesis 3:1-7), Jesus Christ used food to establish his covenant with mankind in the ceremony that institutionalized his death on the Cross. This is the last supper  (Matthew 26:26-29). When man fell we wrote it down that ‘By food man was drawn away and by food shall he be restored.’ Tell my people that food is important, it is what keeps the spiritual parts of man to continue to relate with the physical part of man. Food keeps the body alive. Let no one undermine farming. Let no one substitute farming on the soil with other deceptive means.”

At this point I saw the tail of a reptile, it was like the tail of a crocodile. It was sweeping through the earth. It was sweeping through farm lands. Then I heard a voice that said boastfully, “We will destroy the farmlands, we will make mankind turn from sowing on the earth. Through this means he will turn to us for alternate means of farming. We will destroy the everlasting covenant that God established between Himself and the earth, that the plants and all animals and birds and fishes should produce after their own kinds and increase upon the earth for mankind and all the earth’s needs”(Genesis 1:11, 12, 20-25.Then Holy Spirit said to me, “Tell mankind that there are plans to pollute humanity through food. This plan has been in existence but it has just been intensified by the enemies of our kingdom. It is time for demons to possess their own products and present them before mankind. Where are those who like cheap things and those who like to try new things? You all shall been hooked in the night. That which is a bait, unnatural and synthetic shall lure many to slide slowly into the corruption of their bodies and minds. It shall be a tool for the total control of mankind. Even if it is free do not accept these foods. Hell Fire is breathing the tongues of its fires to the earth to snatch men and women.

“Let earthman farm on the earth. Those who cannot farm should be mindful of what they eat. Let them make arrangement with those who farm for their food. The battle over mankind has tripled over the past ten (10) years. Men should improve on the methods of farming. They should apply technology and science but they should not eat food that is grown in labs. They must shun foods that are harmful, foods that have the ability to alter the natural genetic composition of man. Plants and animals that have been manipulate should be avoided. All genetically modified foods should be avoided.”