By Bro. Hosanna David

On the 10th of December 2019 I had two significant dreams. One is about plagues that would befall this earth. The second one is about fire falling on the earth to consume things. The second dream was actually long, I can’t remember some parts of the dream.

Below is a live video I streamed on the 12th of December 2019 in which I shared this dream of fire falling from Heaven:

In this dream looked back and I saw that people were running. Fire was falling from Heaven. It wasn’t falling directly from Heaven but it was like the fire was mixed with wind. The wind mixed with fire but it was kind of small. It was like the fire was already on earth and it was moving towards people. I saw it fell upon one house and consumed the house. The wasn’t consuming everything, it was selected. It was coming in form of wind but it wasn’t very huge fire burning everything, it was just small and it was consuming things. It was falling on different parts of the world and it was consuming things. I saw the fire falling upon another place too, and I was running. I was thinking in mind: “God is angry with us. God is angry with the sins of men. Men have become too sinful”, and I woke up from the dream. I know this is a warning from the Lord. Let us repent from all our sins.

I encourage you to read the other dream the other dream I had the same day I had this dream above. Click HERE to read or watch the video.