By Hosanna David

On the 10th of December 2019 I had two important prophetic dreams. One is a dream in which fire that is mixed with wind came from Heaven and it was consuming things in a selective manner. I was able to do a live streaming on YouTube two days later to publish the dream of fire mixed with with wind. On the 12th of January, 2020 I was able to publish the second dream on YouTube.

Watch the video of the prophetic dream about plagues that would come upon the earth below:

In this dream I saw that the earth was releasing a very damp substance. I was told in the dream that its name “Bermuda”. I’ve only heard that Bermuda Triangle before I had the dream. I saw that the earth was releasing a very damp substance. It was like the substance was mixed with mud. The place was damp and these things were coming up from the ground. It was like an eruption, like a volcanic eruption but it was coming out slowly upon the surface of the earth. This mud-like substance formed small mounds on the ground. I understood in the dream that the damp substance was being released upon the surface of the earth in other places in the world. As I was looking I heard the Spirit of the Lord telling me that this substance is called “Bermuda”, and that the earth is tired of the sins of men and that it is releasing Bermuda. He said that the earth is ripe enough for harvest. When I woke up I knew the Lord is sending a warning to His children in the world.

Another time the Lord also spoke to me in a dream concerning this dream of the earth releasing Bermuda. In that dream the Lord told me that the damp substance that came out of the earth are plagues that are coming upon humanity. The Lord told me that the that the substance I saw that the earth was emitting are woes, that they are plagues that are coming upon the earth. I want to state very clearly that these words are stated in the video above. God knew that the Coronavirus pandemic was coming. God is still in charge of this planet. The same God has warned that nobody should take the COVID-19 vaccine.