On the 14th of October 2020 I got messages from God. One of them is about COVID-19. In a vision I saw a very huge dark substance that came out of the Earth. It appeared small but started growing until it covers the whole Earth. It was very dark and shiny. It replaced the soil. I saw people who were so amazed because they did not understand what it was. They were so fascinated by it’s appearance that they were touching it and asking one another what it was. Then I heard a voice from the Lord saying, “The COVID-19 plan failed but another plan will be hatched. Another plague is coming. It will be worse than COVID-19 pandemic.”
Let me make something clear. Apart from this vision I have also gotten other messages from God that convinced me that the pandemic is not natural but man-made. Please refrain from taking the experimental vaccine. It is not safe for our spiritual well-being. The vaccine rollout is not the solution but it is only a gateway to a process of total control of the whole of humanity.