Devil Finder Search Engine Exposed – Eagle Eye Opener

By Hosanna E.E. David This is really end time! There is a search engine called “Devilfinder” – Devil Finder. It was created in April 05, 2002 (14 years old). It is a search engine like  Google and Yahoo but almost everything, if not everything about Devilfinder is about the promotion of Satanism. It has approximately […]

Sodom & Gomorrah!!! A Naked Restaurant Opens in London

By Hosanna E.E. David Do you think Sodom and Gomorrah’s story was invented? Here comes in our days a naked restaurant. A restaurant called Bunyadi is a nudist eatery in Central London were costumers are encouraged to strip off their clothes. It is weird that a naked restaurant where nude waiters serve customers, who themselves […]

The ‘Black’ Pope: The Most Powerful Man In The World?

So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the ‘conspiracy’ playing field? You’ve maybe been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your own) the various elements of society who control our world from behind the scenes. You’ve gotten familiar with the role played by, […]

Satanism Infiltrating The Church

By Hosanna E.E. David “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN” (Rev. 2:9)… “Behold, I will make them of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie” (Rev. 3:9) The above are the very words […]

Exposing Satanism Today

Introduction What you are about to read are secrets revealed to me by our Lord Jesus Christ at different times which He commanded me to share them with humankind; and experiences I gathered from the confessions of people who undergo deliverance for the past ten (10) years of my being in the evangelical and deliverance […]