John Todd (Former Illuminati & Witchcraft Priest) Confession: Deliverance from the Occult, evils of witchcraft


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Pastor introduces him and talks about Jack Chick Production.

Before I start to today I’d like to leave (some) text with everyone. I try to leave it across the country. When I was saved I knew absolutely nothing about the Bible except some basic teachings that I’d picked up by accident when I was about ten years old in a Nazarene Church. When the people that I was being raised by that were in witchcraft found out that I had went to this church they as they say ‘Blew their staff?’ and that was that for going and hearing anything about the word of God. So everything I know about the bible I’ve learned in the last five years and I’ve had some very good teachers in San Antonio a man named Jack Taylor a Southern Baptist Pastor and when I told him like two days after I was saved the things I had come out of he was afraid of them, so he gave me this scripture that was kind of my battle cry text whatever throughout the walk and ministry that I would have later. I’ve left it with Christians because in a day and age when we see so much happening around us we lose sight of whose behind what is happening around us. We loose sight that if it is good or positive it is the Lord and if it’s evil and rebellious it’s of the devil. A lot of the time we look at our teenage children and think that they are the devil and the children look at their parents and think they are the devil and we lose sight of really who our enemy is in this warfare that we are in.
I’d like to leave this with you and I’m sure many of you know it and if you don’t I recommend that you mark
it in your bible and learn it by heart – Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against Principalities, against Powers, against Rulers of Darkness of this world, against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.” I didn’t bring my amplified bible* with me today I was a little rushed because I was late but the Amplified gives a much clearer description of it. So many times Political corruption and things going on and these are a few things I’m going to discuss today but we lose sight of who’s behind that political corruption. We look at Nixon’s era and we look at some of the things Jimmy Carters doing today we know that they are not Christian deeds. We know they have nothing to do with the Lord but we kind of scratch them off to the man. We should scratch them off to the enemy then (not) man. Man is not the enemy. I came out of a family that…em… was… you know… How many of you were raised Baptists? I’ll start that way. All your life that’s what you were raised from the time when you were little child (until) now? How many of you were raised in a Christian home? So in the Pentecostal churches which I try to avoid as much as possible they have a term called ‘Home Grown Pentecostal’. I guess ‘Home Grown Baptist’ will be just a fashionable. Well I was a ‘Home Grown Witch’ from the time that I was five years old. I knew nothing but witchcraft I was I would have known sooner but they didn’t discuss it with me.. ? They take you very young even before even before they start talking about the so called ‘positive aspects of witchcraft’ they talk about the ‘negative aspects of Christianity’. So being a Christian is a miracle not because I wanted out of witchcraft but I would consider Christianity the only way out because they brain wash you from very early childhood that the Christian is the most evil being or creature in the universe, that he wants nothing more than to take the everyday witch out and shoot them burn them hang them whatever he could do and they’re the most hateful beings that ever existed on the same level as maybe Adolf Hitler. So this is what I was raised up to believe and my last name is Todd and that was [just changed about sixty years ago until then our name was ‘Collins’. The Collins family (my direct tree) was responsible for the witchcraft history and a few history books that I could find also for bringing witchcraft to the United States. So when I was fourteen (and some of you may consider that I very early age but it was not it was kind of a late age for this.) I was initiated into organized witchcraft. In other words I was made what brother Rath Euston is. I was made a Pastor a Minister. I was ordained in fact a few years later when I went to enlist in the service I didn’t have to go because I was draft exempt because I was an Ordained minister of a legally recognized church … Ordained ministers are exempt. I enlisted and went through the service until I got into a little shooting incident in Germany after I’d come back from Vietnam I re- enlisted and went to Germany and I was getting ready to be court martialed. In fact they had everything down. In fact I was as good as gone (life in prison) we had (at the end of the day?) had pleaded guilty therefore 35 years and then Parole. They wouldn’t even consider it. An officer had been killed in the situation and I was more or less just waiting to be transferred to Lebonworth to serve the time. When the witchcraft church (which I thought was just a little group of people that I belonged to) sent a political member of that church a State Senator, two of them. A State Senator a United States of America Senator or a representative over to Germany. They took hold of the situation and a 24 of hours later I was a civilian in the United States with all my time rank and an honorable discharge and my court martial records didn’t exist anymore. All of a sudden I realized that I wasn’t in something that just lit candles and incense and said magic words once in a while and stuck pins in dolls. There was a little more to it than just a religion. I left New Jersey and went home to Columbus (Ohio) and I asked my real mother. (I have two mothers. I have a foster mother and a real mother what I was to do) and she said ‘here’s an envelope with 2000 Dollars and a one way ticket to New York city. You get there on the next plane and I’ll tell them you’re coming’. But she didn’t tell me who she was going to tell or anything but I flew to New York City and I spent six months learning all new witchcraft. Until then I had been taught what most of the teenagers learn and I want to tell you I want to tell the teenagers something here real quick. I’m sure most of you probably go to the school here but if you were in a regular school you would meet witches running all over the place we hear this across the country. Almost every high school has it especially in California. They tell the young people lies. They tell them it’s ESP. They tell them it’s ‘Physic Power or they (tell them) it’s ‘Spirits of the Dead’. They tell them everything but what it (really is). I was supposed to be a high priest leading a church that had thirteen ministers too it plus a couple of hundred people in its congregation and I believed it then. Then all of a sudden for six months Dr Bucklin unraveled everything and told me there was One God (before we believed there was four). There was one and his name was Lucifer and he was very quickly to tell me that wasn’t Satan. He didn’t want me to get any ideas that Christians could be telling the truth. I should have thought then that if they had lied to me for almost eighteen years they were probably lying too me now. But I went ahead and believed it and for six months took lessons in witchcraft that I didn’t even know (that) these things could happen that had happened. Then I was transferred to Los Angeles … good old L.A. I can’t seem to get away from it… and for six months my foster mother taught me something that your pastors very familiar with the political situation of the occult. All of a sudden I realized witchcraft wasn’t lust spell casting it had a purpose in mind and that’s when I started getting a little afraid because when I was ten I learned a little about the bible. It just happened to be all Revelations that I learned and all of a sudden it was discussing a world ruler that would be personally guided by Lucifer that could gain control of the whole world supernaturally and take control of people minds. Of course they didn’t say they were a defense against this. The way they spoke everybody was affected. They didn’t say anything about the ‘Blood of Jesus’. But we sat there and for six months we learned the political structure the history of witchcraft and then I was take n to Colorado and I was placed into an initiation into the 6th Realm. This initiation consisted of a blood sacrifice (human sacrifice) and from then on I was given a territory of thirteen states. This didn’t happen to be one of those that might belong to my foster mother but I was in charge of all the occult political and drug activity in (the) thirteen States. This is where I was in 1972 when I met the Lord. I at first for many years said by accident but I’ve come to realize there’s no such thing as an accident when it comes to Jesus, he had everything perfectly planned out. It was a combination of a personal witness through
a coffee house a Jack Publications Tract and the movie ‘The Cross and the Switch Blade’ and a lot of things for instance the Baptist Church praying a fasting that I would get saved. They figured that if I got saved maybe the rest of the witches would follow in suit it didn’t exactly happen that way, but it did put a dint in the situation. So (that’s) quickly and very quickly (my) testimony but I (what I want to do today is for the young people and the adults here I’d like to throw this thing to questions and answers because some of you may have run across situations (or) some of you may have questions on how to deal with people that are in this (the occult). I want to leave one word with you. The only answer too witchcraft the only way that anyone has ever defeated it in getting (out) has been through the blood of Christ. Everyone else who’s ever tried to get out of witchcraft I has died) and I want to leave this with you. Witchcraft is real and supernatural. I remember the minister who witnesses to me said that until he found his daughter in it he was always (and he’s a Baptist pastor) was raised to believe that witches were fable and flew around on broomstick on Halloween night and all of a sudden he woke up and found out it was very real. If you want to find out the power behind it and how it can be defeated I suggest the 16th chapter of Acts. Paul handles it very nicely and if there’s one thing I can testify to all the teenagers considering the lies that you’re born with (in) witchcraft which is the lie that they’ll give you.
When I was saved and the pastor there at the back of this church called the demons that were inside me out I lost aII that power of witchcraft. I’ve never regretted it. If the power came from demons I don’t need the demons. So before you teenagers start fooling around with these Astrology Charts and the Ouija Board, check out the 18th chapter of Deuteronomy you’ll find out you’ll pick up a demon from doing it. If you pick up one (up) you keep on going. My foster mother wrote a book and she said, doing one spell or practicing one séance in witchcraft is like jumping off a tall mountain or Sky Scraper there’s no turning back*. It is the strongest addiction that I know. Dave Wilkerson said he’d seen people go through withdrawal from drugs many times but seeing one witch go through withdrawal from the occult. (When he finally did see it) it shattered his mind. I’ve helped thousands of people through withdrawal from witchcraft and withdrawal from drugs and once you’ve seen the withdrawal that a person goes through from being in witchcraft you’d think that drugs is something you practice in a kindergarten. It’s that violent and that destructive without Christ especially, and what I started to say was nobody has ever succeeding in getting away from the because they’ll simply will kill you with a spell. Now brother Rath Euston knows from testimonies from other people who I have been around (that) they hadn’t been able to do this to me or anybody else who has gotten out. A few people have been killed physically that have gotten out that were Christians that got out of witchcraft. But they have tried this (to) me and my wife and so on but they’ve never succeeded. We are still very much alive but we have to defend totally on Jesus to stay in that situation. Now before any of you young people decide that witchcraft is a groove thing they will tell you can get out any time you want but once you’re in there’s a bounty on your head should you ever leave and they don’t care if your thirteen or fourteen years old. The bounty starts at 10,000 Dollars and they send a professional. They don’t send an everyday person. If you are wondering why I’m still alive and it isn’t easy. I’ve got bullet holes the buildings and the bombed out buildings and everything else. It’s a record (that we are alive). Jesus kept us alive in every situation. You don’t walk into a building that blows up in your face without a scratch on you and walk back out unless the Lord is there to protect you. The occult is very dangerous. Chick publications did the ‘Broken Cross’ which will be on sale back here today. The only tract that I know of that has saved people out of witchcraft. They did this book and because of it they moved to another building with bullet proofs glass and bomb proof walls. That’s the situation. The artist draws his stories at home now in a

dwelling that they don’t know where he is. Rather than trying to drive to work and be in danger. Jack (his staff)” are always (onto him) to be more careful because they are trying to drive him off the road and stuff. We try to get him to drive a Cadillac that might stand up a little (better) but he says the Lord can protect him in his Toyota as well as a Cadillac. So he keeps on driving a Toyota but that’s the situation. It is no joke it is a serious situation the occult gives up less people to conversion than any other thing. And it’s not because they don’t want out. They desperately want out. We went to Minneapolis to where we had a convention. We took 10,000 of the ‘Broken Cross’ there to distribute free and they were so afraid of this book coming they cancelled the convention rather than let it fall in the hands of the people who’d be coming from across Europe and across the United States to attend. But people came into our meetings there that came anyway and when they listened (and we) were done they asked my wife myself and others ministers ‘if you can put us in a safe place of protection we’ll come out’. They want out. They know they know that Christianity is the only way but they are physically afraid to come out. You think the Mafia has fear for those that have been watching the Godfather or something. There’s no fear compared to when the occult people come in after you but we are believing that we will have this situation. Brother Rath Euston will be one of the few people in the United States who will know how to get converts to the refuge that we are preparing. We are preparing a place not that they can go permanently and hide but where they can grow in the Word and in physical strength till they can go out on their own and live. Jack Chick will be putting on the back of all these publications (for) the occult, the phone numbers of the different things and he’ll be one of the phone numbers that people can reach. (Lets) say that we have a convert that has been won out of the occult how do we get them to this refuge place? He will be one of the few people in the United States that knows where this place is. It’s in the mountains it will be that well guarded so we’ll just ask (for) your prayers and (now) your questions if you’ve got some. Q: Someone asked how they select children at in the occult and at what. Well twelve year old girls are (taken) then upwards more or less). They’ve been known to get down to ten but they usually start at twelve to thirteen and up to twenty five and for the people who like to hitchhike this is how they pick them all up. Of course the police will tell the parents. The kids run away from school. They use them for sex and for sacrifices and human sacrifice purposely (for those who are wondering if that is an accident). You’re in L.A right? The L.A County Sheriff’s department has a very secret under cover thing. I don’t even know if you can find out it exists but I talked to them. It’s called the ‘Occult Squad’ they told me in 1973 that they found thirty five bodies of girls in Los Angeles county that year and I talked to them in December(about those) that they knew to be human sacrifice that they listed as rape cases keening (them) from the public. The statistics that came in so far this year are close to a hundred and twenty five and the year is not even over. Now that’s girls that have been used for human sacrifice. If you all notice there’s quite a few rape cases that happened around Halloween that were in the news right now and from what we can find out the circumstances of each death fit human sacrifice. You’ll never hear (about it) but that’s the reason. We turned in four different people that were responsible in the area that I knew about to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department and they arrested all four and they got convictions. In every conviction they listed it as a rape killing and they knew better. Q: Someone asks about the 8th Chapter of Deuteronomy as conversing with Necromancy and Consulting with Familiar Spirits. Clairvoyance anything that is psychic is a counterfeit of Gods power by the devil. The woman who was given fortunes in the 16th chapter of Acts that was Clairvoyance, When Paul cast the demon out she couldn’t tell fortunes any more. That settles it right there. Q: Somebody asks about Superstition. Superstition is a form of witchcraft … She asked me if It’s a Christian form of witchcraft. One thing I want to throw at the young people real Quick. In the occult store they don’t sell Ouija Boards most of them in the serious ones. They call it a Christian instrument they say Christians are the only ones stupid enough to use it. Witches know that the devil runs it. They know more than some of the Christians. Another question asked something about exorcism. The rite, that the Catholic Church uses for exorcism. They have changed a few words’ just I think about six words. (It) is the witchcraft rite of exorcism. It is 8000 years old. The Catholic Church is not that old. Ok? Next on the apparitions. It’s them, same thing that the Spiritualist Church of America or any of the Witchcraft organization. It’s called Arus?? If you’ll notice none of them are pure white now coming out of the occult. I know the system of colours and the principality, there’s seven of them and all the demons under them go by the colour of their leader, their general. The occult demon Rega appears as a blue snake or blue mix. I’ve heard thousands of reports including Jean Dixon* report that her guide her spirit guide that (is) Familiar Spirits are Blue in nature when they communicate with her and of course red is lust” and so on its a long list but the things or apparitions. (I want to get into this thing real Quick) the Catholic Church’s alter accept for the attomay? or the knife is the exact alter of witchcraft and according to I can get on the Nicaean council most of the ministers at the Nicean council that set heresy up were from the temple of Dianna which is witchcraft. So everything – the bells, the incense, the whole ritual, the holy water is salt water mixture this comes from witchcraft which they do exorcisms with. Everything that they do comes out of witchcraft and they can’t get around it. Next question about explaining the council of the thirteen. I’ll explain what that is. You were probably wondering and what their purpose or thrust is. Just reach in your bill fold (wallet) and take out a one dollar bill real quick, we’ll settle the whole thing. I’ll let you ask your federal government later how this got on the dollar bill. Ok! On the back of the one dollar bill you’ll see the crest with the pyramid in it. Now Doctor Rath Euston has upstairs the whole crest you only have the words left out of it on the blocks but there are sections. This is a little behind times there are a few new organizations this dates back to the 1800’s but that pyramid in the illuminati consist of three Pyramids and a Sphinx but their crest is this crest. The illuminati is the occult organization that we belonged to it means the ‘light bearers’. The witches call it ‘Mariah’, the conquering wind, but the capstone above the eye is Lucifer. The triangle or the capstone is the tribunal of the Rothschild’s family which is called the ‘holy family’. They lead the illuminati. They are Paul, Peter, Mary (and) the saints all and everybody rolled into one and the Pope. They are the voice. The doctrine of the occult teaches that Lucifer comes and sits their dining room table. When they see the table they leave thirteen chairs out and the thirteenth one is for Lucifer to sit in himself. They set him a plate and everything. Now I’ve been there in the mansion and I’ve seen this go on. They in turn direct to the top block of that pyramid and that top block is the council of thirteen, the Grand Druid Council, which I was a member of. Now, the druid system of government is not that the politicians run everything. It is the same system that Rome had. The priest lets whoever wants to rule the government but the priest must rule the ruler. Now I’ll let that sink on you for a while and I want to throw this in as this will cause a lot of controversy I’m sure. But it’s a fact. Since the time of Worm wold Wilson * including him there has never been a president of the United States that was not in the illuminatist that did not belong (to it). Now that will shatter a few people’s ideas about our Christian president right now but it’s a fact anyway and the Grand Druids although there supposed to be everyday people like me. You look at me now I’m this weight. I was a different weight when I was in witchcraft and part of my authority was whatever Governors, Senators or Political people (were) in my areas took direct political order from me. Which I in turn did not think of but simply translated from them the orders we got from London, from the Rothschild’s family. Now that’s the council of thirteen. The thrust is that when I left in 1972 they had a chart that said in eight years … Eight years they would have the whole world and from remembering that chart I haven’t seen one thing in the news media not happen on schedule according to that chart. I would say that it’s about right. I would say the word today would be Maranatha?* that he’s coming real quick because there’s is (a) coming real quick. They have it. It’s not that far away. Q: Someone asks a question that’s inaudible must have been about the chart as Jonnie says 99% … The man that pulled me out of jail became an Attorney General under Ford William Saxby. Now that gives you a few names to start with. The best way is to find out who belonged to the CFR or who belonged to the CFL. Another inaudible question asked. It’s a little ridiculous. I know I’m going to step on a couple people’s toes who have read about the illuminati. He asked me what part Zionism played in the illuminati. Rothschild and a few people in the illuminati were born Jews but they’re not Jews. I’m looking through the word of God to find it … The system is this the same books that proclaim the illuminati also proclaim (it) a lucifarian organization. You can’t have both. A true Jew believes in Yahweh and (the) illuminatist person (I’m not a Jew and I was (one) of the leader (within) of the illuminate believes in Lucifer. The god of light, peace, love and so on. It has nothing to do with the same organisation because they might be a few Jews born and they might have some ties with (the) Zionism bloodline but the organisation itself has nothing to do with Judaism at all. It is totally 100 percent druid occult. That’s its purpose. In fact the reason the Rothschild’s even still reside in London is because England is considered to the witches the same as Palestine is considered to us. It is the holy land they take toga* visions there. You stop off and kiss the stones on the Rothschild’s Mansion for luck and so on and so forth. If by some chance you happen to meet a Rothschild and he gives you a bless sign* or a blessed be, then your whole life is safe. It’s that type of nature but it has nothing to do (with Zionism). There is an interesting thing though I’d like to thrown in. A lot of witches do wear a thing called the ‘Star of David’. David was long dead before that star was ever drawn. His son drew it. It’s called the hexagram and the word to curse with the hex comes from the ‘hexagram. When witches practice magic they draw a five pointed star to stand in and they call demons up in the evil sign of what we call the ‘Star of David’. So before Christians start hanging it around their neck it’s called the ‘Demon Star’ or the ‘Death star’* and that’s why it was drawn. For a few people who might be concerned about the Solomon aspect when he backslid he became the most holiest person in the occult. * Everything we practice are based upon books that he wrote and pictures that he drew when he backslid including that exorcism right you asked about. He wrote it. Somebody asks if the occult is (in) some of the programmes that are on (TV). I’m going to give you two quick examples. For one I was telling this across the country. The most disastrous film that has ever come out to (promote) witchcraft. Thousands of people that are Christians are going to go watch and are watching (it). I was told by a bunch of Christian people across the United States and every city I went to. ‘You’ve got to go see this film. There’s no sex there’s no violence. You know it’s lust an old kind of. How would you put it? I can’t think of the guy in the 30’s who was a sequence (belonged to a series of) in the outer space movies … ‘Flash Gordon’ type picture. So I went and watched it. It used words and beliefs that are the inner most beliefs in witchcraft. There are not even the ones spoken of in the open and witches don’t call it witchcraft they call it ‘The Force’. It’s called ‘Star Wars’ and the whole thing is centered around two thirds of the movie is based on the force. That you’re stronger when you die. You are reincarnated. You receive guides from people who are dead. It’s ESP. You see the biggest lie about witchcraft is that it’s not bad. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s the person that’s good or bad and this movie emphasizes that a lot. That witchcraft was ok as long as you were a good person. So adults before you let them go … And the other I want to hit real quick is how many remember ‘Bewitched?’ Probably one of the main reasons witchcraft grew and
‘Dark Shadows.’ ‘Bewitched’ was written by a witch. The belief of witchcraft is (that) you’re born a witch and that the ‘Mortals’ or the everyday people who don’t practice are ‘Dummies’. Remember that in the thing? Well they never got (that?) in to us. It was more of a comedy. They never got into witches ceremonies or Sabbaths or anything like that. Last night a person asked me to watch who had gotten to read the script of the new one Tabatha?* So I watched it. It had witchcraft all through it. (It had) real witchcraft – ceremonies, Halloween – everything. They’re coming out stronger now. You better watch what your kids turn on your TV sets. There hasn’t been a witchcraft movie that had anything to do with Satan in the last five years that Satan didn’t win openly in the picture. Tape goes quiet as Jonnie listens to someone in the audience as they speak about something to do with the shows. Jonnie mentions that wasn’t there a women there by the name of Louise schooner*? That’s my foster mother.
Q Asked about the illuminati. You see the illuminati’s name is not used much anymore accept by everyday people who find out about it. Witches don’t use it. The organization don’t use it and each country has its (own version). But Mariah is the occult part and the political part has a name in each country. In the Unites States it’s called the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). That’s mainly how they got in to it. (They) mainly got in to it because you can’t become a president … You may think you elect a president but I’m here to tell you (they) elect whoever they put up, and when I was saved in 1972 I got on a TV broadcast that went throughout Sothern Texas and Mexico and so on and they’ve still got the tape down here. It was on talk show called the 7th Club*. In the morning and I had a minister from the church there with me Ed Human? and they asked me the political aspect that would be happening and this was the election of Nixon and McGovern at the time. I said a few things I don’t remember. I don’t really want to get into right now … but one of the things I said was the last election that would happen.. ? The president for the next one is coming up. The one that has just happened. The president that would be elected would be the last president elected in the United States. That doesn’t mean that will be the last election it just means he’ll be the last president and when he was elected. (It) was so important that (he) be elected that the person that would run against him would also be illuminati (meaning) that they wouldn’t allow anybody else to get the nomination from the other party and that he would purposely do everything during his campaign the other party (that is the opposition party) in this case Ford to throw that election. If you’ll look back on it I think you see things that he did that prove that (he) lost many votes and then he almost lost anyway. I think it would have been disastrous if he had won to them not to us. Somebody interrupts Jonnie he answers … We have talked to Regains (Ronald) son and other people and they had told us (of) violent threats bribes death threats assassinations attempts and everything that never reached the news media. That went on during the nomination thing for the Republican Party. Somebody else asked something, about school? It isn’t easy. I’ve got a first grader that every day she went to school she came home and said ‘Daddy here it is and throwed it in trash can during Halloween season. The Goblin (and) the Ghosts the Witches stuff they cut out. She understood. She said ‘Owe well thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up’. She understood Halloween had nothing absolutely to do with Christianity. Christians shouldn’t even touch it with a ten foot pole. It comes from the word ‘Shaman’. Which means the day the dead come back and talk. It was invented by witches capitalised on by the Catholics but nothing in it has to do with Christians. Nothing. Who wants to celebrate the day when witches sacrifice thousands of people throughout the world on? Another question asked about White Magic. White Magic and Black Magic is a Catholic term. When they were burning people at the stake for being witches they wanted to protect themselves that practiced it. So they invented the term ‘White Witchcraft’ or ‘White Magic’ or ‘Black Magic. Witches in their books will tell you that it doesn’t exist and that it was mentioned in Star
Wars and yet when they are trying to convert a Christian they will say they are a White Witch and not a Black Witch and Yet they’ll tell you in their books it doesn’t exist. Which means they’ll say anything to convert you but there is no such thing. The devil is evil so you can’t white wash him or anything he does. You can call it ESP but it still witchcraft. Hypnosis is of the devil … Plain and simple.
Q. Someone asks about the Charismatic movement. There’s is feeling and not word. I go into Charismatic Churches and speak. I know and I want to tell you something they can’t understand. Who they don’t have no young people? They can’t understand why the young people are practicing witchcraft. It’s because they’ve never been taught the word. They’ve been trying to give a form of discipline without love, strong discipline but no love to go with it and no word, just emotion. Now and then they wonder why when somebody is saved three months and then in the world three months later. A good example of this is Meleneyland? It probably one of the worse Churches apart from Calvary chapel in the United States because it’s absolutely (no word) they have a whole Bible College. They teach nothing but emotion. They theories. They don’t teach the word.
Q: Asked about Satanism. One thing real quick here Satanists believe in Satan witches do not and there is a difference. Witches are taught that Satan and Hell is a lie. I was saved for hours before I knew there was a devil. I concentrate on the scripture. I concentrate on the 16th chapter of Acts and Ephesians 6:12, the 18th chapter of
Deuteronomy. Please don’t quote ‘We suffer not a witch to die’ please don’t quote that to them you’ll scare them to death but work on the ‘love’. Work on the scripture but leave the devil and Hell of it if there a witch.
Q: Asked-about an object? How much it’s used. Certain groups use it our groups don’t touch it. In fact its capital punishment to touch it the death sentence but some use it but they twist it-check.
Pastor interrupts mentions some miscellaneous things and then the pastor asks about ‘Free Masonry Ceremonies’ in comparison to witchcraft ones.
The first level in witchcraft and first level Masonry is identical. The only difference is my wrist was cut and I signed a blood packed and I was nude and they are clothed. That’s the only difference. The words, the act, the time, everything, even the pledge of secrecy is exactly the same. There is no difference and the 6th level initiation of witchcraft blood sacrifices are the same initiation to the highest level of Masonry, the 35th”. It’s call the ‘Rite of the Warrior on the Block’. Which most of our politicians are 35th degree Masons. Q: about the Warlock. Woh Woh. There’s no such thing as a Warlock. If you’re witnessing to a witch, please, unless he is a Satanist, please call them a wizard or a witch if you’ve got to call them anything except idiot … Well that’s true. I was an idiot. Anybody that’s in it is … They don’t believe in Hell. They believe that when they die they will come back in another life. Tape interrupts here. It Continues with Jonnie telling the people he sat on the council of thirteen. I took orders only from the Rothschild Tribunal in London which they claim they take their orders directly from Lucifer and that’s why they reside … Somebody was asking me if the Rothschild’s live in California. Not those directed related to the Tribunal. They won’t leave England. Some live in France but they always come over to England because they believe that England’s is the place that Lucifer is most fluent and he can speak to them more in person than he could anywhere else and from talking from Christians in England they estimate there only two percent of the population are Christians in the Great Britain country* So they have quite a fluid time over there. In fact some friends of mine just brought Christians back of where they are building homes with broomsticks poles coming out of the chimneys for the witches spirits to land on to bless their homes. These aren’t ignorant people these are million dollar mansions that are going up. Not just a superstition this (that)? Country has really gone back to witchcraft. It was originally total witchcraft. So this atmosphere I came out of. I was saved on Labour Day of 1972 in San Antonio through a movie ‘The Cross and the Switch Blade’. A Coffee House Ministry that belong to a Baptist Church there. Then later deliverance through that Baptist Church. I’ve ministering with (to) people in the occult. Last year my main ministry has been to Christians playing with the occult. We are going to demonstrate that in a minute here but… this is what our ministry outlook has been. September we went to many…. Which is where the occult has one of the Bible Colleges…

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