Again, here’s another message supposedly from God about the three days of darkness that will begin 8th of May 2021. According to the message the “prophet” says if it doesn’t happen God should kill him. There’s need for us Children of God to be careful about what we believe as messages from God and what we share on social media. This is a false prophecy and it should be disregarded completely.

Previously, there was another prediction that there would be 3 days of darkness on the 4th to 7th of April 2021 which never happened. I was really concerned about how much people were deceived so I decided to address the issue in a video to tell people to disregard the supposed “message from God” because the Holy Spirit told me that it was a false prophecy.

This time again, it is also spreading like wild fire that there is going to be 3 days of darkness beginning from 8th of May 2021. Please let us focus on the Holy Bible end time prophecies and be careful about what people say which are not written in the Bible.

Here’s the previous video below: