Some weeks back I saw, on Facebook, some pictures of Ariana Grande from her musical video titled, “God is a woman”. I was curious to know more, so I visited YouTube to watch the video. The video made me sad because it is full of BLASPHEMY. The title of the song alone is enough to make one ask questions about what the songs is intended for and the spirit behind the composition of the song. The lyrics, and the sexual symbolisms in the video tell completely that the song is satanic. 

Few days later, I had a revelation from God. It is a warning to Ariana Grande and the Body of Christ (Christians). The Spirit of the Lord made me to understand that the summary of the song is, “Woman rules the world through the power of sex”. Hence, Ariana calls God a woman. This is blasphemy! 

Is God a woman? John 4:24 says that “God is Spirit.” God, at different places in the Bible chooses to refer to Himself as “Father” (2Cor. 6:18). Also Jesus Christ teaches us to address God as “Our Father” (Matt. 6:6). There is no verse in the Bible that addresses God as “a woman”.

Watch the message

Here is the message God gave me, “No Christian should play that song. It is blasphemy against her (Ariana Grande’s) Maker. Anyone who promotes that song, buys it or gets entertained by it shall share in her punishment. I the Lord will make her life distasteful to her own self. I have spoken.”

The Lord also told me that the era we are living in right now is the era of the Holy Spirit but that Satan is using three horns to oppose the Holy Spirit. 

“What many have not understood is that this is the era of the Holy Spirit but there are horns that are being enthroned to oppose the Holy One. These are sex, money and power.”

Please share this message with your friends, family members and all believers to warn them about this blasphemous song.