Few days ago the Lord spoke to me sounding a very strong warning about “Christians” who are possessed with demonic spirits. The Lord told me that those who rob Him of His temple (our bodies) here on earth by allowing demons to live in them will be denied entrance into His Kingdom in heaven. The Lord is jealous. about His temple which is our bodies. He does not share his children with any devil.

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There are many people in the Church who are possessed with demons and different kinds of evil spirits yet they believe that they are saved because they have been deceived. There is so much witchcraft in the end time church. Some deceived pastors and prophets use demonic powers to prophesy and perform miracles. But the Lord hates it when humans allow demons to live in their bodies instead of His Holy Spirit. He has given us the power to cast demons out therefore we should not house them. Repent now and be delivered if you are demon possess.