Photo credit: CNN

By Hosanna E.E. David

Do you think Sodom and Gomorrah’s story was invented? Here comes in our days a naked restaurant. A restaurant called Bunyadi is a nudist eatery in Central London were costumers are encouraged to strip off their clothes. It is weird that a naked restaurant where nude waiters serve customers, who themselves eat their food naked could be established in UK, yet the law enforcement agents say nothing to regulate this ugly trend that is about spreading like wild fire.

According to CNN, the naked restaurant has made headlines in recent weeks by attracting 46,000 people to its waiting list for a three-month pop-up run over the summer. As a result of the influx of customers, there are plans to even introduce a naked bar.

Nudism is Satanic! – Satanism encourages nudity. Satanism is a movement of total rebellion against the Laws of God and that of man. It is about the total freedom of man, living by the standard and dictates of one’s own will. God is against nudity hence He made the garments of skin for Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21). Nudity is often erotic and sexually arousing, hereby leading to sexual immorality. Most people who are nudist care less or nothing about sexual morality. Nudism is nothing else but the worship of the flesh.

The End is Now – On seeing these things, we should know that the end of the world and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is near. There is therefore an urgent need for REPENTANCE in order to escape the impending wrath of God.