This is a dream that sister Esther Melissa from France had about Churches in Nigeria. 

“I sent a video to be published on Eagle Eye Opener YouTube Channel but it was not posted. In a dream I saw that Hosanna David hadn’t shared the first video about U.S and California destruction but he published the new video about the rapture. I wanted him to share the warning video so that people could hear the message but it was as if he didn’t understand my English.

Here’s the video Sister Esther Melissa sent to Eagle Eye Opener 

 “Then the Lord showed me that before he shares a video from someone he makes sure that he has a confirmation that is from the Lord.

“And after that I saw Hosanna David crying because of the situation of many of the churches in Nigeria. The churches were deeply in sin. God Élohim was showing him Mami Wata in those churches in Nigeria. It was as if the demons colonized the churches. The demons were very comfortable in these churches. In the dream Jesus wanted Hosanna David to share the message on his YouTube Channel.”

Looking at the level of worldliness and sensuality in majority of the Churches in Nigeria, anyone that has the spirit of discernment could know that marine spirits are in operation in these Churches. It is time to repent genuinely because the Day of the Lord is near.

 Here’s a related revelation that the Lord gave me some time ago.