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The Unfailing Provider (Sermon)
God is the great provider. He makes a way where there is no way. When Abraham was to sacrifice his
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God’s Judgment against Unrighteousness (Sermon)
God is known by all Christians as the God of love but many people fail to remember that God is
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Preparing for the Final Harvest (Sermon)
Whatsoever that has a beginning must have an end. The world was created by God in the beginning. The same
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YouTube Videos – Dreams, Visions & Prophecies
Watch our list of Dreams, Visions, Prophecies and Revelations
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You Are More Than Conquerors (Video Sermon) | Hosanna David
Jesus Christ has given us the victory through His death on the Cross of Calvary. We are therefore victors, even
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Living Worthy Of Your Calling (Video Sermon) | Hosanna David
We have been called by God to represent Him on earth as the light of the world, through whom He
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Making The Best Use of Your Earth’s Last Moment | 2nd Word on The Cross (Sermon)
In this Good Friday message, preached by Hosanna David, the second Word of Jesus Christ on the Cross was critically
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God’s Package for His Children – Hosanna E.E. David
God has prepared abundance of blessings for His Children. Why then do some Christians suffer lack? In this message Hosanna
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URGENT!!! Serious Warning From Jesus to False Prophets & Pastors – Hosanna E.E. David (Video)
This is a warning from God to his ministers all over the world. It reveals top secrets of the fall
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The secrets of Making Heaven – Oghenetega Samuel
The secrets of Making Heaven – Oghenetega Samuel Oghenetega Samuel saw Jesus Christ at the age of 14. he said
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